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SKU: EMG-808
$130.26 Precio
$123.75Precio de oferta

Based on the original 707, the EMG 808 gives players all the tone, presence and dynamics they demand in an 8 string guitar pickup. The EMG 808 eliminates the problem of a muddy low F# string that often lacks rich harmonic character and definition. Featuring Alnico V loaded, wide aperture coils, EMG was able to beef up the tone of the low strings while maintaining a balanced and articulate upper register. This provides the responsive and tight sound eight string players love. This pickup will articulate every note, chord, and harmonic you ask of it. Used equally in the bridge and neck positions, the EMG 808 pickup will forever change how you hear and play your 8-string guitar. Solderless wiring makes installing the 808 easy to do on your own.

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